Responsible Use and Conduct

Group Creation

You are free to create any new group that suits your interests and recruit others to join your group. Your group’s description must reflect group’s purpose and must comply with our Terms and the governing law of federal and state. When creating a group, you agree to provide and release any information, including your profile, to the public that will assist other users in searching for your group.

Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the Service.

Each group has the right to construct its own policies which serve to govern the group’s operations. Group policies must adhere to Terms, the laws, and common sense. These policies must be made public and are subjected to review upon requests. Policies that reflect absolute control over or unreasonable demands of current or prospective members will be deemed violation and subject to modifications or, in the worst case, deletion of the entire group.

Group Joining and Interaction

By sending a join request to a group, you acknowledge that your profile and some of your personal information will be viewed by the leader of the group you requested to join. When admitted to the group, you further agree to be bound by Terms and group policies. You are encouraged to carefully review each group’s policies before deciding to join.

It is expected for all users on Jiffal to treat everyone with respect and common courtesy. Any member who conducts harm-inflicting behaviors on current or former group member or general users, including but not limited to insults, defamation, hate speech, physical abuse or sexual harassment, as reported by other users, will result in account suspension, group ban/removal, and possible police involvement. Users who experience any of these should report to us as soon as possible.

Group leader and members may not acquire, use, or sell any other user’s personal information without the explicit consent of that user. Please refer to our Privacy Policies for more information.

Leaving or Removing Members from Groups

Group members have the freedom to leave group anytime he/she would like, and request to have profile hidden or blocked from former group mates. In the event where a member leaves because of inappropriate behaviors of the group as a whole, he/she may report the entire group. If we determine that the reported activities violate Terms or the Governing Laws, the group will be flagged and subject to removal. If three of such cases occur, users that relate directly or indirectly to the inappropriate activities will be subject to account suspension and/or permanent ban.

Group member can request any other group member to leave group, which request will be seen by all members, but final decision to be removed from a group is either by the requested member’s voluntary action to leave, or by more than two-thirds vote of other group members. Case of removing a member through voting must only occur when the member violates Jiffal’s user policies or group policies, or remains inactive in the group for more than three months. Any non-participation in voting cannot be counted to the voting results. If not all group members participate in voting, but those who voted agree on a remove request by two-thirds, the requested member can still be removed.

Group Deletion

Only the group leader has the right to delete a group. Before doing so, the leader must notify all other members and ask them to voluntarily leave the group. Groups with no new posts or meetup events for more than two months will show as inactive. After six months of inactive status, group will automatically be deleted.

Group Leadership

By default, the group creator will be made the leader, who can directly appoint another member to be the leader or request a voting process. In the latter case, the leader shall be determined by a majority of vote of other members.

As a leader, you will become the group’s representative figure. You have the right to accept or decline join requests of other users and select group activities. You will also be responsible for any misconducts of your group members. The leader’s profile will also be made available to public to assist other users in their search for groups.

If group leader decides to leave or resign from the position, the member who remains in the group the longest will be the next leader by default, unless a direct appointment or voting process is requested by the current leader. If that leader is the sole member of the group, the group will automatically be deleted. Group leader can also be requested to step down, or voted out of the position by a majority of members. A new group leader will then be voted in place.

Group Activities and Events

Every group is encouraged to plan and engage in meetup activities that can serve to strengthen bonds among members. Activities and events planned and prepared by groups must strictly adhere to the Terms and to the policies set forth by respective third-party host or organizers.

Group members can nominate any activities of their interests, and are subject to the selection of the leader and other members. Activities nominated by the group leader generally have more weight, but are also subjected to participation agreements of other members.

Users who participate in first-time meetup with a group can request for the meetup to take place at a public location. You may choose not to participate in these meetups if they are deemed to be unsafe, and your refusal to participate due to safety concern must not be used as a reason to be removed from the group. Jiffal will not be held liable to any of the unfortunate events or accidents that happen during meetups. If such events were to happen, you are advised to immediately call 911.

Occasionally, Jiffal will host events that call for the participation of multiple groups. By participating in these events, you acknowledge the possibility of injuries and/or damage to personal properties. Jiffal assumes no responsibility for any of the physical injuries or damage to properties caused by careless acts, incidents that do not pertain to our event program, or violations of any safety policies set forth by third-party event organizers.

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